Secretary’s Message


Local # 1475,  Clerks & Checkers Union

International Longshoremen's Association

24 Drayton Street, Suite 710 - P. O. Box 1325

Savannah, GA 31402 - Telephone:  (912) 238-1475

Secretary:  Ms. Donna F. Sheffield

Affiliated with AFL-CIO and Canadian Labour Congress

Secretary’s Message




Dear Brothers and Sisters,


The Officers of ILA Local 1475 have decided to use the Secretary’s page on this web site to provide you with important information about our local. This first announcement will be the results of the elections for ILA 1475 that held last week.  Your Officers and elected representatives are posted below:


            President                                  Ricky Deloach

            Vice President                          Eddie Ramsey, Jr.

            Recording Secretary                 Donna Sheffield

            Treasurer                                  Jimmy Buttimer

            Business Agent                         Gordon Hale


            Executive Board                       Michael Bailey

                                                            Donnie Bell

                                                            Billy James

                                                            Frank Ryan, Jr.

                                                            Richard Silva

                                                            Skip Sheffield

                                                            Edgar Smith


            Auditing Committee                  Joey Cetti, Jr.

                                                            Debbie Clifton

                                                            John Deal


            Membership Committee            Joseph Buttimer

                                                            Greg Frazier

                                                            Eddie Wells


            By-laws Committee                  Billy James

                                                            Eddie Ramsey, Jr.

                                                            Donna Sheffield


            Seniority Board                        Mike Sheffield


            Sergeant-at-Arms                     G.W. Durrell


We would all like to thank you for your support and confidence.  We are committed to serving each and every one of you to the best of our ability for the next three years.


Some of you have asked for sign on information for ILA Local 1475’s web page.                      Try this:

User name - 1st letter of your 1st name & last 4 of your member number                                   ex. d0000

Pass word - 1475 & last 4 of your member number                                                                  ex. 14750000


Your Officers and elected representatives would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





Donna F. Sheffield